Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Our motto is to create and provide high quality products that satisfy our customers.

Our products are manufactured with the primary goal of  creating and providing high quality products to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
As part of these efforts, we have acquired ISO 9001 certification that global standard quality assurance system
and we are constantly working on prototyping and improvement in order to achieve the “highest satisfaction” of our customers.
also, Quality needs and advice from customers is of the utmost value.
We will take immediate action to improve the quality of our products.

ISO9001 認証取得(品質マネジメントシステム),ISO14001 認証取得(環境マネジメントシステム)
  • ISO9001 certification (quality management system)
  • ISO14001 certification (environmental management system)
Registered Scope : Manufacture of forged parts for automobiles, trucks, and construction machineries
Place of business: Takahagi factory , Forging Business 3333-3 Kamitezuna Takahagi-shi, Ibaraki Japn
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